Wealth Without Hardship

Money is morally neutral, but wealth wobbles.

Wealth holds one of two paths. It is either a life-blesser or a life-claimer, constructive or destructive.

Wealth resists restraint. Few men can be trusted with great wealth.

The Lord speaks strongly upon the dangers of wealth. (See 1 Timothy 6:6-10)

Wealth is as a poisoned cocktail. For when fortune stirs a man without a moral compass it rises as an untamed beast, a wicked destroyer. The very pleasures and peace it promises are stolen.

A man who has riches without understanding is like the beasts that perish. (Psalm 49:20)

Wealth disrupts morality. It invites an evil unpredictability into life. Wealth offers a range of choice and attracts an unsought attention far beyond the reach of any common moth-filled wallet. Opportunities arrive that are as surprising as they are seductive. Those who carry a moral compass are guided in the correct directions. Those without are plagued by self-interest, and the delights of their eyes.

Wise men fear wealth for they know corruptions and compromise await, even though many comforts will recline against their doors.

The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and He adds no trouble to it. (Proverbs 10:22)

Be not in a hurry to gain wealth or set your feet towards its paths. It is the Lord alone who gives wealth without hardship.

Today's Soul Snippet:

''Sympathy is no substitute for action." ~ David Livingstone

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