What if Heaven was for Sale?

How would a real estate agent market heaven? Maybe:

  • beautiful one day perfect the next,
  • the pleasure palace or
  • a place with space?

There could be no tired aphorisms such as:

  • renovate or detonate,
  • diamond in the rough or
  • motivated vendor, make an offer!

Streets of gold, boughs of healing and my history slate oh so clean are the fabrics heaven is woven from.

There is also the Throne surrounded by supernatural well-wishers. Heaven is a place empty of evil. The light of Glory that replaces sunshine defies human imagination.

This place will never be sold because no one will ever want to lose it.

There are no alternatives to heaven. No catalogue can be created of other heaven-like properties on offer.

Until that first Christmas no one had ever chosen to leave heaven. (Satan had previously been expelled Rev 12:9) How could such unspeakable splendor ever be willingly left? 

A manger in a stable was never going to be heaven's equal. Even carpentry in Nazareth would be of little improvement upon this babe's birthplace and then of course - Calvary! Yet Jesus still chose to leave heaven.

At that first Christmas heaven lost its son but you gained your savior.

At that first Christmas the Son had chosen grace for earth and not gold in heaven.

At that first Christmas the Father had chosen giving and not keeping.

Heaven can't be sold, for from that first Christmas paradise is now permanently bought, indeed secured for you and me.

Father, thank-you that Jesus left that which is perfect, to live in that which is broken so He could suffer and die for a sinner such as me. Thank-you for securing heaven for me through the first Christmas. I give you my life to do as you please with it, for you spared nothing in bringing permanent pleasure to me, I will now spare nothing for you. AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

"A day hemmed in by prayer will seldom come unravelled." ~ Anon

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