When An Epitaph Failed

A funny epitaph might read:

Here lies fearsome Frank, he bet he could rob a bank.

There is an epitaph inscribed on a gravestone in Woolwich Cemetery, London that reads:

Sacred to the memory of:


who was killed by the
accidental discharge
of a pistol by
his orderly
14th April 1831

Well done good and faithful servant.


Despite the good intentions this epitaph failed, its ambiguity will remain humorous.

Donald Trump is alleged to have failed, Bill Clinton did fail, so too Richard Nixon. And just as foolishly I still fail.

No one is immune from failure, it is bound to the human condition - since Adam chomped on that first sweet apple.

The grand and the humble, the famous and the infamous, the noble and the notorious all fail.

Celebrities, politicians and stars are all equally subject to the fragility, the deceits, and the desires of human life - as too us lesser mortals.

The Romans (like so many people still across the world) didn't recognise such failures. They made their leaders into their gods. This still happens today. We still make gods of those who fail.

The LORD within Jerusalem is righteous; He does no wrong. Morning by morning He dispenses His justice, and every new day He does not fail. (Zephaniah 3:5)

There is a real God devoted to success and not failure, righteousness and not selfishness. 

Righteousness is His agenda. It is His measuring tool for correct judgement and behavior.

God holds no value of anti-discrimination if it clashes with His righteousness.

He holds no plan of tolerance if it replaces His perfection.

God holds no course of approval if it removes correct behavior.

Really, He is unable to fail because He does not entertain the indulgences that permit entry to failure. Avarice, lust, pride, dishonesty, covetousness (and so much more) are not with His Spirit.

Who could follow a God that fails, for He would then be no god at all?

Our Father in heaven continues to operate on inclusion and exclusion.

The righteous disciple will always travel with a good, mistake free guide. His epitaph will read well.

The resurrected Lord who strolled beside His 'blind' disciples on the road to Emmaus still walks in righteousness unrecognised beside His disciples today.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Religion will either make us very tender of heart, considerate and kind, or it will make us very hard.' ~ A.W. Tozer

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