When Beauty is Bothersome

An unnamed broke woman a jar and poured its perfume on Jesus' head.

Indignant bystanders harshly rebuked her. But, as always, Jesus was not backward in coming forward. His response: 

'leave her alone,... Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.' (Mark 14:3b& 6)

These anonymous hands of kindness had delivered a small fortune to a condemned man; her motivation as pure as the perfume was pleasant.

A smashed jar, a busy room, blind eyes and harsh hearts now clouded her generosity. It was (and still is) the current recipe of a legalist to assail another's goodness, to find ill in the good.

The broken jar was glaringly insignificant when compared to the broken words voiced to her and over her.

Her philanthropy and selfless service would never be delivered unchallenged. Even amidst the humble there will always be the proud.

Jesus felt her soft-touch, received her love, and loved too this unknown woman's devoted heart.

You do not need a name known to man to be honored by Jesus. (He already knows your name).

There is no pre-condition for popularity to be defended by Jesus. This saviour would soon die, and the brief time to love Him soon gone. She would not lose this chance.

Opposition to goodwill knows no boundaries. However, Jesus also knows the heart.

To Him a heart of devotion is so infinitely superior to a mind of distaste.

Jesus still understands. He still delights in devotion. And, Jesus still sees beauty where others only see bother.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Faith is like a muscle, it grows by stretching." ~ A.W. Tozer

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