Worse than a Pandemic

Consider when a great forest is set fire by a small spark. (James 3:5a)

The flutter of the tongue, a whisper passing the lips or an instant spray of 'acid' has sunk more ships, crushed more marriages, robbed more children, lost more jobs and caused more relational death than any pandemic could ever achieve. 

Woe to he who knows little control of the tongue. His mouth spills forth foolishness. It is his biggest enemy.

Shame becomes his mantle, while his heart tears.

That untamed tongue destroys both its owner and its hearers.

When words flood they are as water racing downhill, ever turning this way and then that way, seeking, corrupting and consuming the void of silence.

The tongue can raise a raging torrent, or be the softest peacmaker. It burdens or blesses both the owner and the hearer. It can be a fount of life, or a source of death. 

As sure as the sun rises is the power of the tongue to cripple and condemn.

A considered tongue seeks many times for silence, it knows it does not have to be heard.

Control the tongue, lest it control you.#

# Please take some time to read James 3:1-12

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The church shall survive the world, and be in bliss when that is in ruins.' ~ Matthew Henry

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