Yesterday's Hits Don't Win Today's Game.

While the sun's rays peep around drawn curtains, as sleep is shaken from unfocused eyes, none can know what awaits them - what extra power they must draw from later that new day.

As with training the body so too the spirit. The strengths gained yesterday will fade in tomorrow, unless today the exercises are again chosen.

The temptations are immense to recall past spiritual gains and dismiss devotion today.

The seduction is palpable to expect that yesterday will meet my needs today, and so keep me strong until tomorrow. 

The unwise or the ignorant trade upon yesterday's spiritual growth. But as with the manna in the desert it fades away. 

Each morning everyone gathered as much manna as they needed, and when the sun grew hot, it melted away. (Exodus 16:21)

Yesterday's spiritual food will no more freshen today's soul than yesterday's breakfast can deliver energy this day.

Spiritual lethargy is the enemy of spiritual health. No creature named spiritual retirement exists this side of Glory. The war for faith still rages.

Yesterday's manna will not energise today for it is no longer fresh.

Each day carries its own different needs.

Yesterday's hits don't win today's game.

Today's Soul Snippet:

You do not need a great knowledge of Jesus to retreat to Him.

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