• Swimming Upstream?

    27 January, 2015

    Salmon have long commanded both my imagination and my appetite. (Hmm - salmon agree with my palate so well that I am sure they are food from Eden.) The annual salmon run is as much about death as it is about life. Salmon can range from 3lbs to 100lbs in weight. They live from 2 years to 8 years.…...[read more]

  • 3 Keys to Unanswered Prayer

    26 January, 2015

    Maybe you too have felt like this? First there was the prayer that dripped from the angel's overfull goblet... then the prayer that shot heavenward colliding with impenetrable clouds or.... finally that desperate prayer fired to the sky upon a wish burdened magic carpet unable to fly high.…...[read more]

  • Accustomed to Nothing?

    22 January, 2015

    If one-tenth of one per cent of the prayers made in any American city on any Sabbath day were answered, the world would see its greatest revival come with the speed of light. We seem to have gotten used to prayers that produce nothing. God still hears prayer and all the promises are still good, yet…...[read more]

  • Intoxicated by God ~ B

    21 January, 2015

    A reflective A.W. Tozer strolled through summer camp engaged in deep conversation with his dear friend Robert W. Battles - he revealed: Junior, I want to love God more than anyone in my generation. A further prayerful echo then: I find me in you Father - my breath, my identity, my purpose and…...[read more]

  • Intoxicated by God ~ A

    20 January, 2015

    Where can I wander to, what hill may I climb, what valley descent dare I plumb where the Lord is not there? Where can I hide my heart or file my dreams that He does not know my loves? How high may my spirit fly or my thoughts float, that He is not still higher? Lord, I find me in you Father -…...[read more]

  • 2 Sources of Wisdom?

    19 January, 2015

    There were two trees in the Garden of Eden - one has seduced us and other has saved us. Very recently I glanced a newspaper headline on-line - It has been proved that adultery is good for relationships. There is nothing new under the sun. The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil still preaches…...[read more]