• Remember The Good Lord

    22 March, 2018

    Many were outraged decades ago as I belted out a song in Sunday School. The melody was my delight, if not my singing to those around. Johnson Oatman Jr. published "Count Your Blessings" in 1897, but at first I understood little of it. The chorus begins: Count your blessings, name them…...[read more]

  • Of Dogs, Fleas & Friends

    21 March, 2018

    There is a well used Aussie aphorism: If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. Bishop John Charles Ryle (1816-1900) expressed this with far more eloquence: Good friends are among our greatest blessings – they may restrain us from much evil, quicken us in our course, speak a word in…...[read more]

  • Tilted Thinking

    20 March, 2018

    My head leans toward what is common to man, and thus is uncommon to God. I mimic my teachers. The world and its churches are my loudest classrooms. They scream and shout down the divine order to my life. Their education has hindered and hurt me. In the self-help spiritual swamp there are no…...[read more]

  • Should Your Hills Fall

    19 March, 2018

    The Psalmists knew God as their life's constant, their foundations, their ever present 'go-to' person. To this very day the writers of The Psalms share their inner most thoughts: The Lord is upright - He is my Rock and there is no wickedness in Him... when anxiety was great within me,…...[read more]

  • It's A Long Journey Home

    18 March, 2018

    The strong and weak alike know that life's long journey requires the best food. Two Christian giants from yesterday also knew this. This is why they are 'masters of faith'. They dined well each day. 1) Author of 'The Pilgrim's Progress', John Bunyan (1628 - 1688) spoke in…...[read more]

  • It Seems Improper - Strange is Holiness!

    8 March, 2018

    In holiness there is separation. This removes me from the eyes and mind of others. This may seem improper but holiness becomes a hiding place, a place therefore of protection. It removes me from the way of harm. Holy = separation and thus safety. Solomon (in Proverbs 7) recounts the story of a…...[read more]