16 July, 2018

    Nothing is more obstinate than a fashionable consensus. ~ anon What is fashionable of men is failure to God's mind. The fear of the Lord is a fountain to life. Yet, as envy rots the soul so is the man who burns discretion and refuses divine correction. God's unrelenting message for His…...[read more]

  • The Joy of Devotion

    15 July, 2018

    Waiting for those devoted is an uncelebrated divine favor. It is unusual that these find honor among men, nor are they envied. In fact, men think such activity strange. Yet, the devoted are favored and separated from mankind. There is a great unwitnessed tribe of the devoted. The authors of the…...[read more]

  • Need A Top-Up?#

    12 July, 2018

    Sometimes we can give so much of ourselves we need a top-up. Recently I felt in desperate need of a break, that thirst to be somewhere different, and only in God's presence. I longed for His refreshment to flow over me, the settling of His whelming love to just let my mind rest. I prayed for a…...[read more]

  • Colonizing the Mind

    11 July, 2018

    I am not perfect, but I am a limited edition. ~ anon My thoughts can define me as much as my successes honor me. Is life not won or lost in the battles of the mind? Wherever the mind regularly wanders the mouth and feet are sure to follow. The thoughts of my mind either build me up, or tear me…...[read more]

  • Christianity Confidential.

    10 July, 2018

    The Lord lives in secrets, canopied by deep and unsearchable things. Man can no more fathom God's mind than he will submit to the Lord's righteousness. God is a contrarian for His truth lives in parables. He and unredeemed mankind operate in reverse. They are incompatible. That which is…...[read more]

  • Reclaiming the Children & Youth

    9 July, 2018

    Children see heaven not only because they are innocent, but also incompetent. ~ Brennan Manning God has written His own divine youth project. Its purpose is to keep safe the young ones, then as adults they may not fail or fall. He seeks godly offspring. The Lord future-proofs children: Train a…...[read more]