• Making Sense of Halloween

    23 October, 2014

    Halloween Unplugged Introduction Ghosts and goblins, skeletons and skulls are the order of the day. Shrill voices and bright eyes of wonderment gaze hopefully upward and beg trick or treat. Pumpkins and black cats are all enlisted to create a mirthful ambience that horror is fun while death is a…...[read more]

  • Lightning Strikes of Love

    22 October, 2014

    Soul Snack 202/14 ... Gathered around the Throne of Grace are ragamuffins, vagabonds and ne'er-do-wells. With the delight that only heaven can hold the Father beams without restraint from His throne – you are my sons and daughters, I am your very proud father. These fatherless and…...[read more]

  • To The Unwanted

    21 October, 2014

    Soul Snack 201/14 ... God seeks outcasts and the abandoned; those for whom nobody cares. The eyes of the Lord scan for those the eyes of man won't. #And the Lord said to me: I will gather the lame and love the lost. My name will be on their foreheads. Because of My name they will receive…...[read more]

  • The 6AM Prayer

    20 October, 2014

    Soul Snack 200/14 ... The true story is told of an insane royal braggart who became a beggar. In divinely forced humility he roamed as wild animals do, in an aimless abandon through bleak heartlands. From humility he then cried to Heaven; Heaven heard and his throne was restored. (See Daniel…...[read more]

  • St. Augustine's 3 Wishes

    19 October, 2014

    Soul Snack 199/14 ... History permits the reader to gaze down well-lit corridors of time and capture another's pulse. Having walked the sands of the Southern Mediterranean from 354 AD to 430 AD St Augustine of Hippo (Algeria) penetrates Christian thought to this day. Converted from a raucous…...[read more]

  • The Super Supernatural

    16 October, 2014

    Soul Snack 198/14 ... TV and cinemas are awash with supernatural invention and intervention in the lives of mortal man. This generation believes in magic, and Christians (should) believe in the supernatural. Maybe your heart aches for hope, or life seeps from an unplugged soul. Could it be only a…...[read more]