• God Is Our Strong City

    26 April, 2018

    God is my strong city. He makes the walls and its ramparts my salvation. No marauders can scale them, or bandits breach them. I am secure, my salvation is protected. Tomorrow is safe with Jesus. This His righteous ones can be sure of. The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He…...[read more]

  • Radical Speech Therapy

    25 April, 2018

    Too often what we say is heard wrongly, or we regret our words almost as quickly as we speak them. Jesus always had His tongue tamed. Jesus knew that words spoken cannot be retrieved. Yet, Jesus too would verbally defend Himself, when He saw need. As was their custom the religious gatekeepers had…...[read more]

  • Impure Thoughts Therapy

    23 April, 2018

    Deserts are dry, demanding and hot. That is the nature of deserts. Yet, the wisdom from the Desert Fathers is refreshing, simple and cooling to the soul. These Desert Fathers - Abba Anoub, Abba Isaiah and Abba Joseph were each disturbed for they held impure thoughts, they enquired of Abba Poemen:…...[read more]

  • Prayer Is...

    22 April, 2018

    Prayer is: the seed of gentleness the spirit of trust the seeking of peace the absence of anger a remedy against grief a salve to depression the unbinding of shackles and freedom to the heart. 'Whatever you have endured out of love of wisdom will bear fruit at the time of prayer'. ~…...[read more]

  • Let Me feel Hope - Please?

    19 April, 2018

    Too many, too long have lived at hell's doors. Visiting the vestibule of hell is surely a metaphor to living without hope. For, hell holds no hope. Torment is present while hope is absent. Hopelessness becomes its own tomb. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. (Proverbs 13:12) A Christian wit,…...[read more]

  • 23 Biblical Reasons to Remain Silent#

    18 April, 2018

    It is not strange, we all know those tedious talkers who speak too much; those who must be heard. So the good Lord warns: sin is not far away when the words are many. The fool who speaks out straps a rod to his back, but the same fool appears wise should he keep his mouth closed. ​Those…...[read more]