• 3 Ways To Stare Down Enemies

    27 August, 2015

    Israel's second king (David) knew terrifying battles since his youth. In courage he faced down giant enemies from within and without. In Psalm 27 King David unlocked a life riddled with foes. In his meeting of constant opposition David learned uncommon strategies to survive, actions…...[read more]

  • Has Your Name Been In A Mud Run?

    26 August, 2015

    Maybe oceans of mud have been splashed all over your name by another, or even by yourself? When mud is thrown it sticks, clinging correctly or incorrectly to your name. You can be known fairly of unfairly for: shame, dishonor, sin... wilfulness, foolishness, impulsiveness... responses,…...[read more]

  • Preventing Life's Saddle-Sores

    25 August, 2015

    For the saddle-sore, those who are too well chafed by life: Satan wants you to: canvas your life in a pained recall and witness any persistent darkness, that you then curl your fingers tight, raise your forearm high and shake this fist at Heaven. dwell in a resentment fired despair, for…...[read more]

  • You Must Stand Firm

    24 August, 2015

    Introduction This shaken soul reels and shudders as The Empire State Building is lit up for all to see by an image of satan, reflected in the picture of the Hindu goddess - Kali. Satan now boasts 'I rule'. It is his most visible letter to western mankind (and the US in particular)…...[read more]

  • The 3 Habits of the Steadfast

    23 August, 2015

    Evil injures. The days now upon each Christian carry the chilling threat of our love growing cold. Love grows cold when pain multiplies. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12) Within the final twenty-four hours prior to Jesus' death…...[read more]

  • The Ferry to Tears

    20 August, 2015

    Hear what the Lord would say to the many who wander in remote regions of the soul: You are trying to turn a corner in sadness and travel a roadway, there is no barrier but there is an abundance of headlights approaching you. This queue of lights indicate the road ahead is blocked and cars have…...[read more]