• Living A Billiard Ball Life

    28 April, 2016

    The pattern of this world is easy to live with, it blankets the planet. As nationalties take up arms, likewise individuals rise against each other. The easily offended move sideways with the regularity of a billiard ball bouncing off the table's cushion. Frequent collisions with another…...[read more]

  • To Those Intent On Being Right

    27 April, 2016

    Shamefully known for his posturing, Diotrephes took no prisoners. He was intent on being first. (3 John 9-10) It is knowledge that sets a man ahead of other men. It is knowledge's wealth that equips men to be first, and soaks then in pride. The sceptre of the Christian scholar's kingdom is…...[read more]

  • This Treasured Love

    26 April, 2016

    Young hearts are tender hearts. They are to be shaped ever so softly... Tears welled in his tiny blue eyes. His swung arm had collided in innocence with the heirloom. Too young to understand its value, but already too old in knowing pain. Clashing with the dark timber polished floor were white…...[read more]

  • 9 Facts Heroes of Faith Know

    25 April, 2016

    Heroes of faith ROCK! As regular readers know, my enduring (YEP - until I hand my knife and fork in) super-hero remains Hudson Taylor of China Inland Mission fame. Do you too have a hero of faith? (Please let me know.) Could you dare dream that you also may achieve an outstanding service for the…...[read more]

  • When there is no God to Trust

    21 April, 2016

    Those who know what prayer is, know it is a labor, and at times a travail. It is believing when the blackness of night hangs over one. Prayer is trusting God when there does not seem to be any God to trust. It is spending the last penny when you cannot see where more is to come from.…...[read more]

  • Being Alert in Loss

    20 April, 2016

    Beyond the tears, behind the pain lurks a culprit many ignore, disbelieve or even support. Death was absent until the serpent whispered in Eden. The loss of life = the presence of satan. Whether the heart ceases to beat or broken friendships kill hearts, the evil one is active. The grave is…...[read more]