• The Auction of the Soul

    29 September, 2016

    The search for comfort is a pillow partner to sin. A childhood of pain is the well-proven path for an adulthood of deeper hurt. Sin promises to mask pain, remove its detriments. But sin lies. Sin bids today's brief pleasure against tomorrow's lasting well-being. As in Eden it still…...[read more]

  • Our Lord is Willing

    28 September, 2016

    God's eagerness to support His children, to pour His love over them and stand at their side can never be overstated - yet this too is an understatement. Can human words ever express the unfathomable heart of the true God? Eagerness sounds so hollow. His intentions, desires and heartbeat for…...[read more]

  • God Made Man Upright

    27 September, 2016

    The Lord created the universe from His righteousness and for His righteousness. Righteousness is the foundation of His throne, His measuring line of behavior. (See Psalm 89:14, Isaiah 28:17) Man has departed God to the poverty of his own judgements, and cracked his own paths. Since Eden man has…...[read more]

  • The Posts of Discomfort#

    26 September, 2016

    Moses climbed Mt Sinai, Elijah climbed Mt Carmel, Jesus climbed the Mount of Transfiguration.## God chooses various places for His own to climb, posts to hold to - but His people may choose otherwise. Today the Lord asks: Is where you are, where I asked you to be? I can use you anywhere, but I can…...[read more]

  • The Lost Cord of Early Christians

    25 September, 2016

    The year was 1925, the setting was the Belgian Congo. C.T. Studd sat in an exhausted solitude well beyond much western Christian imagination and wrote: Sometimes I feel and especially of late, that my cross is heavy beyond endurance... my heart seems worn out and bruised beyond repair, and in my…...[read more]

  • How To Really Lose Your Marbles#

    22 September, 2016

    The insult goes: you may not have lost all your marbles but there is definitely a hole in the bag. As a marble cannons off a marble, July 16 1969 (I was 11) strikes my mind to this very day. The playground teacher played with a transistor while I played with marbles. This was a strange sight.…...[read more]