• Love Whispers

    11 February, 2016

    Love is kind. Patience is its delight. Humility is its milk of care. Lust is a bully. It screams and yells. Demands and commands - yet love won't. Love is gentle. It barks no orders. Softness is its constant choice. Lust divides but love unites. Lust seduces but love invites. Lust…...[read more]

  • ON CALVARY'S HILL - Lenten series

    11 February, 2016

    Please click the link below for each weekly set of Bible Study notes. They consist of further short thoughts around each small chapter of Max's book. One for each of the 40 days of Lent: INTRODUCTION WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 6...[read more]

  • The Shape of True Love

    10 February, 2016

    Three centuries ago the firebrand pulpiteer Jonathon Edwards melted pride and chastened souls with his timeless sermon - Sinners in the Hands of an angry God. But there is so much more to the God of the sinner than just anger. To my simple mind, a perfectly cut diamond may accurately reflect…...[read more]

  • Love is Safe

    9 February, 2016

    Headlong the unattended infant ran into an oncoming Toyota. He had played happily alone for some time on a grass verge. Smoking tires, aching brakes and a screaming three year old filled the air. The usually quiet street I lived in erupted instantly. This grubby and now bloodied boy fell at the…...[read more]

  • Why Strangle Love?

    8 February, 2016

    As Jesus went along, He saw a man blind from birth. Jesus' disciples asked Him, ‘rabbi who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?' (John 9:1-2) Before the eyes of these able bodied men sat a beggar dusted in ancient middle-eastern heat and poverty, who: had felt the…...[read more]

  • 18 Original Ways of Love

    7 February, 2016

    Love should be the soul-stirring poetry across each and every day. But it is not. The Loving Way of Life is a book everyone longs to open, and immerse within. Flip your soul now through eighteen of its briefest pages: Love can no more be hidden than water can be compressed. Love is the…...[read more]