• Halloween vs Christmas?

    28 October, 2016

    We Christians are like the frog in lukewarm water, not noticing that the temperature is rising.# Why is there little Christian public outcry against Halloween? Even Christians mimic ghouls and ape horror! Halloween is characterised by darkness, fear, death and complete public affirmation. All…...[read more]

  • When is Evil Safe?

    26 October, 2016

    A Halloween game turns frightfully sour... Three sets of anxious and transfixed teenage eyes gaze past mom's and dad's stunned faces to an upturned glass that glides across the dinner table. An arresting silence binds this Christian family in its spell. Rigid bodies mirror the terror of…...[read more]

  • Halloween Unzipped

    25 October, 2016

    Would you give your son a snake when he asked for fish? Would you give your daughter a scorpion if she requested an egg? Why then would Christians honor the serpent of Eden (the dragon of Revelation) by sharing in his Halloween celebrations and permit our children to be caught up by its binding and…...[read more]

  • The Triple Injustice of Marriage Equality#

    23 October, 2016

    Guns are firing across marriage. Loaded shells explode into all its time-placed and Divinely written truths. The western world is dying from these wounds. Shame is honored, morality buried, while eternal good reason is jettisoned upon the measures of fools and scoundrels. These cast their eyes to…...[read more]

  • Debunking the Deeds of Darkness

    23 October, 2016

    The moral core of planet earth has been eroded to almost extinction, its proper fabric is now shredded. The world is bent on mowing the fields of immorality and fertilising its deadly paddocks. It happily grazes colorblind upon these brown fields and dry pastures, foolishly believing they are…...[read more]

  • Captured by the World's Music#

    20 October, 2016

    Picture heaven as an orchestra hall and the music of the symphony as the glory of God. Every Christian knows that faith is the pre-condition for entering that hall and enjoying that music. But some - I fear, have gotten the notion that trusting in Christ is like buying a ticket to the orchestra…...[read more]