• When Beauty is Hidden#

    20 November, 2018

    Most of us are awkward at times in doing even our most loving deeds. We must learn to be patient, therefore, with people's awkwardness and clumsiness towards us. Their hearts may be gentler than their hands. Do not misinterpret their actions, finding enmity where purest love is hidden; or…...[read more]

  • Show Me Your Glory

    19 November, 2018

    Scripture records Moses with an exceptional honor, as the most humble man upon the face of the earth. Even in his deepest distress Moses sought God's glory before he sought relief. As this octogenarian ended his struggle with God in the Tent of Meeting Moses requested: Now show me Your glory.…...[read more]


    18 November, 2018

    The Dead Sea has long been a place of fortune, legend and mystery. The Egyptians were wise to its properties in using its balms for mummification. During the days of Herod the Great the Dead Sea was 'recruited' as a health resort. From pre-history to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls,…...[read more]

  • 1 Parable, 1 Limerick & 2 Seas#

    15 November, 2018

    In Israel we have an interesting geographical phenomenon – there are two landlocked seas. One is alive and one is dead. The sea full of life is the Kinneret, better known as the Sea of Galilee. The dead sea is - you guessed it, the Dead Sea. Now the Kinneret is constantly emptying as it flows…...[read more]

  • Soaking the Soul's Wick

    14 November, 2018

    Complacency is an equal enemy to busyness for the disciple. Each lead to a spiritual negligence with the sure risk of faith's flame becoming snuffed out. As with the five wise maidens (See Matthew 25:1-13) I must deliberately stock fuel for my lamp. It is being that precedes doing. When the…...[read more]

  • That Evil Man-Flu!

    13 November, 2018

    Weighed down under the wicked suffering of the world's 'second-best/worst' man-flu - I thought! Honestly , it was all I could do. As almost a man-flu survivor (N.B. still recovering, sympathy still appreciated) I can tap away for a modicum of productivity. While supping countless cups…...[read more]