• Living in the Shadow of Jesus' Return ~ B#

    9 February, 2019

    'The subject of the second coming of Christ has never been popular to any but the true believer.' ~ Billy Graham

    In Matthew 25 Jesus instructs His disciples to readiness for His return. Thus, each disciple may gain a heart of wisdom to number their days aright.

    Readiness for the second advent is not a matter of passive waiting, but rather activity that produces results in keeping with repentance.

    This simple chapter of three parables is not about the receiving of salvation, for that is free - but the keeping of it.

    Remember - heaven is not unconditionally guaranteed.

    To live in the shadow of Jesus' return (and all mankind does) is to redeem the present in wisdom. Remember, God is sovereign and we shall all travel this way but once.

    This life on earth is not a destination but a journey.

    In His second parable (Matthew 25:14-30) Jesus teaches upon the use of financial resources, these He allocates to each of His servants. (Note - mankind has nothing at all without His generosity.)

    Jesus is clear in this parable that the master looks for financial returns commensurate with His disciples' gifting.

    Trustworthiness is the issue, not the cleverness of the disciple or the volume of the return.

    The master gives three servants various values of coins. The first receives five coins, the second two and the third one. The master departs on a long journey expecting each servant to trade the money that there would be increase upon his return. The master is gone for a long time.

    BUT - the day of reckoning always arrives, for the master does return.

    The first two servants, who both held more responsibility than the third, were able to offer a diligent return to the master. Their faithfulness is honored by approval, joy and further responsibility.

    Although the first servant returned a greater sum than the second, their commendations were equal.

    Jesus is never interested in the contents of my hands, only ever the contents of my heart.

    Then the master turned to the third servant. In a daring assault upon wisdom this foolish servant had simply buried his coin until the master's return. No reproduction, at all! He further destroyed wisdom by blaming the master for his results.

    Discipleship is not playing it safe and so achieving nothing. 

    In the briefest of moments the master disapproved of and so condemned the wicked and lazy servant; who then lost all - including heaven.

    Being ready for Jesus' return is never merely attempting to keep the slate clean without error. This parable teaches there is an active and selfless use of your money expected.

    My eternal prosperity depends too upon the passing of my pennies on, not hiding them in my pocket.

    Diligence with finances is of equal importance to remaining fueled in looking for Jesus' return.

    Those who have their eyes glaring to the finish line do not have their eyes fixed on wealth. Money has faded.

    Salvation does not come from the assent of the head, but rather the consent of the heart.

    Nothing in this ever changing world matters more than the approval of Jesus. This is living in the shadow of Jesus' return.

    Be fearfully eager to greet Jesus, and to hear 'well done good & faithful servant' echo forever.

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