14 Reasons why Faith is Indecent to the Church

"We have spread so many ashes over the historical Jesus that we scarcely feel the glow of His presence anymore." ~ Brennan Manning

Faith calls the church to heel and trust, but knowledge commands the church to replace faith with reason. (Peter stepped over the gunwales of a boat in a roaring storm, reason would have kept him on board. He did not even enquire of the Lord how deep is this sea or how long will this storm last?)

Is not each Christian to live by faith and not by sight?

Most Christian denominations are yet to realise they are either in their falls or their winters; the springs and summers are long gone. Another half-century and none but the most wealthy will exist. Buoyed under the weight of their massive real estate portfolios they will splash and limp on.

Sheep still flee, many are lost. These are no more searched for than the new lambs are gathered.

Protestant denominations are simply living in their twilight years. Chastened by a very rapidly declining community goodwill, yet blindly floating on real estate and tradition they hold to rigid paths that six centuries ago were new.

Protestant zeal is based on abundant knowledge. But, they do not grasp that knowledge from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil and Biblical faith are enemies, they are not miscible.

Knowledge suppresses faith, and thus blurs tomorrow's spiritual vision.

Who enquires of the Lord 'how can I get behind Your work'? But rather prays 'please God get behind my work for You'?

This is nothing new under the sun. Has not the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil challenged the Tree of Life since Eden? 

Faith that steps over gunwales, faith that doesn't ask 'how deep is the water', faith that carries thorns in the flesh, and faith that weeps blood in Gethsemane is now indecent to the protestant church because:

  1. Christians have feasted upon 'knowledge' and called it 'faith'.
  2. 'Faith' has been exchanged for 'knowledge', and 'love' for 'learning'. Pride is the ripest fruit of this exchange.
  3. We judge the other by our theology, not their righteousness.
  4. The authority of theology has been placed over the authority of the Word, and also assails the righteousness found in a good Christian relationship.
  5. Theology has become the arbiter of truth when it cannot be the guarantor of truth. 
  6. Ministry to the heart has been exchanged for ministry to the head. Edification has been replaced by education.
  7. Evangelical fervor for theology has defined its own proud Pharisaism. The church has created no end of theologians and fewer disciples.
  8. Many Christians are educated well beyond their ability to obey. They know a lot more than they do.
  9. The longer the Tree of Knowledge is consumed the greater is the spiritual infancy of faith. There is shallow faith, but wide knowledge. Voluminous knowledge no more equates to righteousness than shallow faith equates to spiritual maturity.
  10. Evangelicals have almost been educated out of faith. Christians still can cast out demons and heal the sick, for God has not changed. Cessationism is the academic yeast of the Pharisee.
  11. The Kingdom of God is not accepted as a child.
  12. Sitting with the Lord has been exchanged for busy-ness for the Lord. Martha was correct, Mary wasn't.
  13. Protestantism has stained its soul by study and man-led service. It has neglected that knowledge of God is first found in stillness and solitude.
  14. The same tree that teaches Knowledge also teaches sin. This point should be grasped with both hands.

This is a call for individual and corporate repentance.

This is a call for the sheep to be fed faith and not knowledge, devotion and not duty.

This is a call for the sheep to be cared for and not cajoled, that they won't flee.

This is a call for Evangelical and other Protestant Christians everywhere to confess these sins, so that humility will replace the pride of their ecclesiastical marketplace.

Look to the ways of the Lord alone, look around and see the splash of His new wine and even sip from it. No longer tolerate evil within the ranks. Ask His Holy Spirit for direction - not Babylon; seek humility upon the knees, and finally enjoy the healthy personal and corporate growth such refreshment brings.

Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners. (Matthew 9:13)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The church claims to represent Jesus on earth, but in fact it often supplants Him." ~ Brennan Manning

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