4 Fathoms Deep into God's Love

The world's first global television link aired on June 25 1967. Mankind was met by the Beatles almost prophetically belting out their 'very soon to be chart topper' - All You Need Is Love.

The Beatles were correct, but the writer of the Psalms beat The Beatles to this by almost 3000 years. He too had penned the value of love.

The depths of God's love are fallen into in when they are pondered. The longer the thinking time, the deeper the fathoms reached.

It strikes me that the Psalmist encountered the Lord's love beyond most human measure. He wrote:

I will sing of the Lord's great love forever... (Psalm 89:1a)

Satisfy me in the morning Lord with your unfailing love... (Psalm 90:14a)

The Book of Psalms contain repetitions that draw the diver into the deeper fathoms of God's love. These repetitions are:

  • enduring love - it does not give up, wear out or is too exhausted to speak (36x)
  • unfailing love - it does not betray or let you down (33x)
  • great love - it is not insignificant but of such a value only the eternal foolish would ignore (11x) and
  • abounding love -  it is never in short supply or inadequate for its tasks (3x)#

Eighty three times the Psalmists magnify divine love in one hundred and fifty chapters. Statistically more than every second Psalm echoes the nature of God's love. They fathom the very fabric of God.

Why oh why does mankind (even Christians) neglect such love, why don't we all pursue it?

Love is heard in your lover's words, witnessed in their actions and most importantly felt in your lover's presence.

All the ways of the Lord are love. (Psalm 25:10)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Understand your childhood that you may read your adulthood well".

The Beatles' guitarist George Harrison thinks out loud about God just before his death.

# These figures are sourced from the current NIV translation via BibleGateway.com

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