8 Ways To Make 2016 Count

Desires drive the man above their reason. He who can harness their emotions will never be driven into their traps.

Settle the heart of 2015 today. Refuse yesterday's frets and tomorrow's fears, as this cements in life a hitching post to tether the New Year.

Below are listed eight strong ropes to tether your 2016:

  • only store up good things in your heart that you may overflow well - Matthew 12:34-35, Luke 6:45
  • shine in righteousness and lead many to righteousness - Daniel 10:12
  • learn and live in the contentment of Jesus - 1 Timothy 6:6
  • pray for the Holy Spirit daily to pour over you - Ephesians 5:18
  • be alert to temptation - Luke 22:40
  • refuse sin today - John 8:11
  • seek His purity and humility - Daniel 10:12 and
  • pursue Jesus to increase in you that you may then decrease - John 3:30.

Your identity as a Christian may never become a Wikipedia entry, you probably will never have a red carpet rolled out for you, or watch your name illuminated in neon lights - but your name IS in the Book of Life.

The day WILL arrive for a divine welcome home party, and then you will hear:

well done my good and faithful servant ... come and share your master's happiness. (Matthew 25:23)

This one verse alone ensures all that your attempts of faithfulness in 2016 will be worthwhile.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Temptation is satan's tool to break the faithful.

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