Attempting to practise Humility?

This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at My word. (Isaiah 66:2b)

Jesus led the way in the humility stakes. He still does, and always will. Pride in a Christian is both a contradiction and an anathema.

Humility is a virtue the Lord lived and died for. Let none of us be proud of our theologies, but rather be humbled by His example.

In effect Jesus said, blessed are you if you love to be unknown and regarded as nothing. All things being equal, to prefer contempt to honor, to prefer ridicule to praise, to prefer humiliation to glory - these are formulas of greatness in the Kingdom of God. - Brennan Manning

Pride upon earth is a prison, that only becomes permanent.

Humility is a refreshing, peaceful pond to always swim in, but pride authors storms in which men can only drown.

The Last Word:

Humility is unseen, unspoken and thus unknown greatness. Would you be ready to attempt that?