Defeating Evil When Good Is Losing

Soul Snack 171/14 ...Two recent vengeful beheadings were shamelessly and proudly broadcast; satan is not backward in coming forward.

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning... (John 8:44a)

The Islamic State walks in its own darkness - blind to its evil; secure that evil is good

Satan is no retiring damsel or limelight avoider. The spread of his darkness is unmistakeable. Satan's handiwork grows in audacity and is multiplied in unmerciful brutality.

He rules in fear, yet fear is no rule at all. It is subjugation/slavery, devoid of any sense of benevolence - free from any milk of human kindness.

The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil strangleholds the world to ransom. It instructs (with no challenge) that the course to defeat violence is to multiply it. The way to defeat sin is to increase sin. The way to defeat evil is to choose evil. Carry guns so you can shoot the shooter.

BUT ...

Satan cannot cast out satan; anger cannot cast out anger; neither can resentment cast out wrath. ~ Rick Joyner

Remember satan's greatest mistake - the murder of God's Son. This loss snatched death's power from satan.

God's victories almost always seem like defeats to man. ~ Rick Joyner

To lose in man's eyes by not repeating evil, is to win in God's heart.

Vengeance is no longer to be just limited by an eye for an eye, for in God's grace-laden economy it is completely absent.

Evil can't win when it is not repeated.

Evil is defeated when it is robbed of its power.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Grace is the engine of forgiveness.

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