Defying Depression



This descent knows no bottom. seemingly the floor is never reached. Hands extended to grab at any protrusion the dark walls may hold. There is nothing avaiable to grab on to, nothing to arrest the fall. When chemicals, counsellors or indulgence just continue to fail, withdrawal then appears to be the correct option. Quickly withdrawal becomes isolation and finally, only death invites as a sensible escape.

Remember that depression is descent into darkness. Darkness indicates that this is a spiritual problem. When darkness is your closest friend, depression abounds. Ps 88:18.

The aim of Satanic power is to cut off communication with God. To accomplish this aim he deludes the soul with a sense of defeat, covers him with a thick cloud of darkness, depresses and oppresses the spirit, which in turn hinders prayer and leads to unbelief – thus destroying all power. JO Fraser

Darkness and distress are bed partners. Is 5:30 Depression may feel like a wrestle with the devil himself, or at least enduring a heavyweight title fight.

Understand that darkness is the place of destruction. Mt 25:30. Is not depression destructive?

The Eternal Electrician

The easiest and most successful way to fight darkness is to turn on the light. This is why electricians will always have work. No-one desires to be in darkness. Jesus is our eternal electrician, he is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. He wants to be my light too. (see also John 8:12, 9:5) The darkness can be dire, but The Word is true light.

No one has to live in darkness. I can refuse to allow the temporal to rule the eternal. (My body will rot, but my spirit won't.) I can choose to turn on the light. Depression can be decisively defied. It can be resisted. James 4:7.

To correctly understand the superior value of Jesus, is to seek a holy response to pain, distress and darkness. To not seek a holy response, not turning to the eternal electrician, is to be ignorant of what is valuable to me and therefore also devalue Him. Both Jesus and I are then unnecessarily hurt.

To accept depression is loss today and ruin tomorrow. Darkness does NOT have to silence us. Job 23:17.

It is both the Father's and Jesus’ intention and ability to free those in darkness. Is 9:2-3, 49:9, 61:1. (Satan does NOT want me to know this. Then he keeps me bound.) When I find light in darkness I receive increasing joy. This, the very thing that has been robbed from me.

To defeat darkness I introduce light. Darkness is seeded in fear. Light is seeded in faith. 2 Sam 22:29the Lord turns darkness into light…this He proves daily! Ps 112:4even in darkness light dawns for the upright. Darkness will flee those continuing to walk in the light.

Defying Darkness

I defy depression when I dwell on the good father-heart of God, and His good promises. We have been constantly and repeatedly deceived about our heavenly Father’s heart of goodness for us. Ps 43:5.

Ps 116:7 is arguably the Bible’s most powerful verse… Be at rest once more O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

Remember depression is a battle for your mind. Whoever/whatever controls your mind controls you.

As discussed previously, depression then ultimately will attack our relationship with God. We will easily accept a disinterested and remote God who may or may not have a malevolent will for me. To do this is to hopelessly lose.

7 Simply defiant strategies

  1. Choose to flick the light switch on and introduce light ... this is done through spiritual devotions. see Soul Solitude
  2. Dwell/meditate on the good father heart of God. Remember Ps 116:7
  3. Prayer is the real processor of any pain, but especially the spiritual pain which depression delivers. Pain is to be processed and not obscured. In prayer I literally ask Jesus to take my burdens from me. List them and ask Him to put them on His shoulders. This He has already invited me to do. (Mt 11:28-30). Jesus has asked me to exchange my 'heavy' for His 'light'. No one ever has, or can offer this!
  4. Processed pain is removed pain. Pain cannot be escaped or avoided once it is received. It must be lived through and not masked. Only processing pain removes it. Repeating pain (verbally to others or self), only magnifies pain. 'Pity parties' only burden, they do not bless.
  5. Walk faithfully in painful times. Unfaithfulness hinders receiving God's mercy and release.
  6. Repair faulty concepts of God, especially that 'this pain is my lot and I just must endure it helplessly'. No father wants ill for their children. It is NOT true that God wants me to live in misery.This is satan's lie to keep me helpless and in descending pain. Luke 11:11-13
  7. Change the failing goals that may be driving my pain. Ask for His forgiveness, where I have contributed to my own pain. (This may even necessitate asking God humbly to show you your errors too.)

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