Don't Spoil My Christmas - Covid#

Don't spoil my Christmas, many maybe thinking.

The year of Covid still threatens health, incapacity, a deep loneliness and death. Yes, Covid can spoil Christmas. Vicarious third party technology is still and always will be no substitute for the real meeting with loved ones, whoever/wherever they may be.

Christmas arrives annually with a loud but unspoken expectation, that the presence of this season is to deliver something better. How much stronger is this hope, this year?

At that first Christmas God was unshackling time and entering a very dark place. He turned it into an arena of Divine revelation and celebration. Of all the places possible in the entire world God chose a remote shed, a tired and weary menial shelter designed for non-human beings to land in.

Humility now wore flesh. He came in the dead of the night, the darkness was palpable. God chose no well lit temple or a bright sunny afternoon at Jerusalem, Jesus was born into remote darkness.

However, now there was light in the form of baby Jesus, the Light of the World had entered, soon to forever hole the earth's smothering wicked darkness.

He arrived not only as a gift from Heaven but also to deliver heaven to earth. For, Jesus is heaven's creator, center, ruler and its radiance. This was His Holy Night. Every night since that holy night - every dark, dismal and distressing night mankind has lived but not slept through need not be total darkness; Jesus still enters darkness.

Nevertheless there will be no more gloom for those who were in distress... the people walking in darkness have seen a great light,,, for to us a child is born, a son is given. (Isaiah 9:1-6 excerpts)

Through His first holy night Jesus demonstrated that the darkest of night births the greatest of people and events.

The darker the night, the deeper God's activities for men as His comfortable words flow into the human soul. The Light shines ever brighter in the darkest nights. Refuse to lament the days of the dark nights.

Covid restrictions may leave us all reeling with the sense we are confined to a miserable barn that is far from loved ones. Whatever our situation, Jesus can transform our dark sheds into our own holy night. His presence is more real than ever, as His return draws inexorably closer.#

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The more the tree of righteousness is shaken by the wind the more it is rooted in Christ." ~ anon

#Supplied from The Evangelical Sisters of Mary with SoulSupply edits.