Earth Shattering News

That night the Lord was born every spiritual and earthly realm was shaken. Powers and principalities were stirred, common man was ignorant. The uncommon weren't.

Heaven broke into our shackles of time and space. ~ Beth Taylor

Ponder the significance that the child Mary just delivered would soon deliver her...

Ponder the salvation story that echoed on the midnight hills with raucous angels and humble shepherds...

Ponder the way God turned human values on their head:

  • a king born in a stable
  • welcomed not by His own
  • He held no beauty that would attract men
  • the lowly and the pagan receive  eternity-shattering news announced to them
  • a young lady facing human disgrace is given eternal divine honor...#

Christmas is the Creator of the universe stooping down to earth. Breaking into our human history, and becoming as us - that all who receive Him may then become as He - children of God.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus did not enter the world to change it but to claim it.

#Today's SoulSnack largely inspired by and reproduced from a Christmas talk penned by Beth Taylor