Babylon turned Eden into Baghdad!

Babylon turned Eden into Baghdad.

We ALL live in Babylon. It is worldwide.

A Christian's faith and future is both formed and informed by a creation united against, and willfully independent of its Creator.

Babylon’s unhealthy influence to rebellion permeates our souls, and soaks all our actions. Where we see disobedience, when we live amidst Godless yet wondrous beauty we can become the caretakers and gardeners for ‘the hanging gardens of Babylon’. And, so neglect the olive grove of Gethsemane, the only garden that offers peace.

As Christians we are unwitting diners at Babylon’s soul-catching feasts.

As Christians we are deceived and become compliant foot-soldiers for Babylon, serving its indulgent self-bindings. The cry for self-death is dulled, and olive grove of Gethsemane is mute. The bondage of debt is honored.

Despite its screaming neon lights, Babylon is as much the city of confusion and restlessness as Jerusalem is the city of clarity and peace.

Babylon turned Eden into Baghdad.

Babylon is in fact the place of desolation. It deceitfully adorns its disarray and confusion as the home of riches and knowledge.

Babylon first teases at true faith. Then, its attempts are to tear away a Christian’s beliefs, to finally secure the destruction of another Christian’s soul.

As in Genesis 11, so too today – Babylon remains the object of God’s judgement. It demands all to be conformed to its ways, thus not being transformed by the Lord.

Don’t get lost – head straight to Jerusalem and don’t be surprised when Babylon’s abuses multiply, for it knows its time is most short.

... Jesus resolutely set His face to Jerusalem ... but He was not welcomed because He was heading to Jerusalem. (Luke 9:51-53)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'In our greatest adversity, satan tries to imprint his own character onto our Father's faultless, flawless one.' ~ Wendy Alec