The Globe is Unified


So long 2020!

Could 202I be the year that this earth collectively 'catches its breath'? Unity has come to the globe through such hope.

I don't believe the passing of 2020 will be lamented by even one soul, not a soul at all.

Perfect vision is measured by optometrists as 20/20.

Consider now - mankind has 20/20 vision over 2020. This is a sight no one could predict on January 1 2020, but all can bring commentary to on January 1, 2021.

'Unprecedented' is now very tired, maybe the tiredest adjective in the English language? I think I'll just tap out 'a year like no other', dare I stretch 'unprecedented' to the point of complete collapse!

Some have found that they can now live aside from the rat-race. Others have found unexpected opportunity in times where some have only 'gained' lost opportunity.

Health has been ravaged worldwide. As I tap away the globe's death toll from Covid-19 is 1,757,657 lives at December 30, 2020. As for this time last year no man can imagine what tomorrow will bring, nor what 2021 offers.

So, as we now barrel headlong into 2021, there remains one thing that just can't ever change:

Billy Sunday, the famous American baseball player preached from the 1890's until he died in 1936 that Christ is the only answer to human needs.

Our fears may marinate within as 2021 is entered, what is ahead is still incredibly unsure, but please note Billy Sunday's century old and accurate teaching:

Jesus the Christ is the firm answer to each human's needs - whatever 'unprecedented' means for 2021.

Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord. (Psalm 144:15b)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The surest token of God's good will towards us is His good work in us.' ~ anon