God Wants To Get Us Home#

'You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in Your care You watched over my life'. (Job 10:12)

Discipline is easy for me to swallow. Logical to assimilate. Manageable and appropriate. But God's grace? Anything but! Examples? How much time do you have?

David the psalmist became David the voyeur, the adulterer and then the murderer. But, by God's grace became the psalmist again.

Peter denied Christ before he preached Christ.

Zacchaeus, the crook. The cleanest part of his life was the money he laundered. But, Jesus called on him.

The thief on the cross: hell-bent and hung-out-to-die one minute, heaven bound and smiling the next.

Story after story. Prayer and prayer. Surprise after surprise. I challenge you to find one soul who came to God seeking grace and did not find it!

The Last Word:

Seems that God is looking more for ways to get us home than for ways to keep us out.

#A devotion from Max Lucado originally posted as Finding God's Grace. Today's SoulSnack contains light SoulSupply edits.