God's Letter to the Illegitimate

To All Those Who Don't Meet This World's Standards:

God is not bound by human reason. Those who man sees as improper, those shunned by no fault of their own God's heart always beats heavy for. Improper to God is no more an impediment to His love than proper is an asset.

You know this world reinforces an individual's worthlessness, but Heaven will only speak value to you.

God does not disdain those born from lust or without a father's planning. The birth that was never wanted by man was still the forethought of Heaven.

God does not despise the bastard anymore than He despises the broken.

Remember - the child conceived in illegitimacy is as much a child of Heaven's intent as the baby Jesus. Both are first held in Heaven's plans long before they arrive upon earth.


The Lord would say...

"illegitimacy is no more a barrier to My welcome than it is to My heart.

Please consider for a a moment King Solomon, a child of lust. He became the king of wisdom and immense wealth. In his time he presided over the greatest nation of My world. 

Remember too, in mans' eyes Jesus was born to an unmarried girl, but His birth did not define His future anymore than Solomon's.

My eyes honor those the eyes of man won't. (see 2 Chronicles 16:9)

A bastard in earth's eyes is not so in Mine, for I replace dishonor with honor.

I heal the outcasts, those for whom nobody cares. (see Jeremiah 30:17)

Those who have never been seen by man I have always seen."

Yours lovingly,

God - your Father of the Cross


Sometimes it is people that no one imagines anything of that do what no one can imagine. (quoted from the movie - 'The Imitation Game'.)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'God not only orders our steps, He orders our stops.' ~ George Mueller

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