Impure Thoughts Therapy

Deserts are dry, demanding and hot. That is the nature of deserts.

Yet, the wisdom from the Desert Fathers is refreshing, simple and cooling to the soul.

These Desert Fathers - Abba Anoub, Abba Isaiah and Abba Joseph were each disturbed for they held impure thoughts, they enquired of Abba Poemen:

1) Abba Anoub asked about the impure thoughts which the heart of man brings forth and about vain desires. Abba Poemen said to him, is the axe any use without something to cut with it? (Isaiah 10:15a) Likewise, if you do make use of these thoughts they will be ineffectual too.

2) Abba Isaiah too questioned Abba Anoub. Abba Poemen responded, it is like having a chest full of clothes, if one leaves them in disorder they are spoiled in the course of time. It is the same with thoughts. If we do not do anything about them, in time they are spoiled, that is to say, they disintegrate.

3) Abba Joseph on another day put forth the same question. Abba Poemen answered, if someone shuts a snake and a scorpion up in a bottle, in time they will be completely destroyed. So it is with evil thoughts; they are suggested by demons; they disappear by patience.

'Now everything that the soul does not feed, does not remain long.' ~ Abba Poemen

Only that which is nurtured can grow.

Set your mind on things above, not on things of the earth. (Colossians 3:2)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The martyrs were bound, imprisoned, scourged, racked, burnt, rent, butchered - and yet they multiplied.' ~ Augustine

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