It is our darkness that frightens us most. This is a mental testing.

Too many reminders flood the soul with inadequacy, that sense of self-worthlessness and deficiency. It may be as simple as a fashion advertisement, or as enduring as those oft received criticisms in childhood.

So I must scribble a large post-it-note and place it on my monitor, or better still my fridge:

While I am thinking ill about me, Jesus is not.

In any self-reflection of how Jesus sees me, I will place myself upon the road to truth and love, for I am His prized possession.

God's words must first reach me if they are to feed me.

Four truths the Lord holds for you and I - to repeat each day as required:

  1. I am the apple of His eye. I hold a unique position of favor with Him and access to Him. He is NEVER too busy for me. (Psalm 17:8, Zechariah 2:8)
  2. Jesus will NEVER drive me away. (John 6:37)
  3. God takes great delight in me. I raise a song in His heart as He loves me so. (Zephaniah 3:17)
  4. I am chosen and significant (even when those pesky thoughts disagree). (John 5:16)

God word's never lose their strength, they are not emptied because they have been spoken once or twice. Repeat these truths above, today and tomorrow. Speak them out loud.

God's word is as equally powerful today for each of us as when He first spoke up and said 'let there be light'.

As I learn to take God's words personally, I grow in taking them profitably.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'I would rather be a beggar at the Throne of Grace, than a foot-soldier for the captains of Babylon'.


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