Indecent Christian Faith

Pure christian faith steps out of the boat without any visible means of support. A young and impulsive Peter first modeled this.

Faith that steps over gunwales, faith that doesn't ask 'how deep is the water', faith that carries thorns in the flesh, and faith that sweats blood in Gethsemane is now indecent to the protestant church because:

  1. Christians have feasted upon 'knowledge' and called it 'faith'.
  2. 'Faith' has been exchanged for 'knowledge', and 'love' for 'learning'. Pride is the ripest fruit of this exchange.
  3. We measure a brother by our theology, not their righteousness.
  4. The authority of theology has been placed over the authority of the Word.
  5. Ministry to the heart has been exchanged for ministry to the head. Edification has been replaced by education.
  6. Evangelical fervor for theology has defined its own proud Pharisaism. The evangelical church has created no end of theologians and far fewer disciples.
  7. The longer the Tree of Knowledge is consumed the greater is a disciple's spiritual infancy. There is shallow faith, but wide knowledge. Voluminous knowledge no more equates to righteousness than thin faith equates to spiritual maturity.
  8. Evangelicals have almost been educated out of faith. Christians still can cast out demons and heal the sick, for God has not changed. 'Cessationism' is the academic yeast of the modern pharisee.
  9. The Kingdom of God is not accepted as a child, yet these are the ones Jesus honors.
  10. Sitting with the Lord has been exchanged for busyness for the Lord. Martha was correct, Mary was wrong. Jesus corrected this error 2000 years ago, yet it still persists.
  11. The same tree that teaches knowledge also teaches sin. This point should be grasped with both hands.

The Last Word:

"Remember God measures your heart, not your head." ~ Dr. Stuart Quarmby