It is good to be impulsive!

Men can be orphaned in the spirit as much as in the body.

Impulsiveness does not lie within the settled soul, but an orphaned spirit. A calm soul is able to consider before it speaks or moves the body, forethought is present. Calm souls rarely erupt.

Impulsiveness becomes the thorn of an orphan, those less-loved. These ones poorer in nurture (love) can lack the emotional regulation that love provides. Their feelings simmer. And so their grab for a perceived defense or comfort is not far away.

The emotional precedent to stability is nurture.

Impulsiveness is the way of the maturing child. Yet, paradoxically the Bible records and even honors impulsivity in adult disciples.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon with his uncommon insights reflects upon when impulsiveness is good:

Immediately they forsook their nets, and followed Him. (Mark 1:18)

When Simon and Andrew heard the call of Jesus, they obeyed immediately - without hesitation.

In the same way, if we would always punctually and with resolute zeal put in practice what we hear--then our attendance at preaching, and our reading of Scripture and good books, could not fail to enrich us spiritually.

He will not lose his bread, who has taken care at once to eat it. Neither can you be deprived of the benefit of the teaching you read or hear, if you immediately put it into practice.

Most readers and hearers become moved so far as to amend. But, alas - their resolution is a blossom which never buds, and therefore no fruit comes of it. They wait, they waver, and then they forget.

It is of great concern that our devotion should not be fruitless, and all may not be readers only--but doers of the Word.

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. (James 1:21)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Multiply light in your life - divide sin from your life.' ~ Michael Cartwright

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