The WOW factor!

SOUL SNACK S16/12 … The WOW factor!

To the refuse, the rejected, the rotten and the forgotten of this world ...

Daily caustic comments burn across souls and carve into hearts. They can arrive with the persistence of a slow acting acid. These words may be the recalled verbal assaults from childhood, the tones of rejection from teenage peers or the disease of a confused adulthood. They can be the criticism of the workplace and the emotional debits from home.

Negativity suffocates the soul.

With the joy of life then parched the healthy seeds of the Divine wither within; yet into this God still desires to sow seeds of truthful goodness.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well " (Ps 139:14)

Here the Psalmist sows cause to praise. He actually praises God for himself ... WOW! This is not the stiff self praise of a Pharisee but the humble praise of dependence. The Psalmist is conscious of God's good assessment of him. This is neither a position of doubt nor indecision. The Psalmist sings with a correct conviction in God's creative goodness and God's inability to make mistakes.

God does not doubt your wonder before Him, neither should you! God's assessment of you is exceptionally positive. God has looked upon you as no other can and still you are approved. You are His wonderful construction for God can only create wonderful works. You are therefore His UNIQUELY precious person. (Repeat this last sentence out loud with your name in it.)

Today's Soul Snippet:

You can't earn God's love anymore than you can earn God's salvation.