The Spirit & the Scalpel

Soul Snack 167/12 ... The Spirit & the Scalpel

It is upon the knees that the Holy Spirit of Christ conducts His soul surgery. There is no white sheet-laden bench surrounded by a gathered team of professionals for this operation. There are no bright lights, nor humming vital-signs monitors. There is only the simple mat on a bedroom floor accompanied by the solace of solitude as the skilled Spirit of Truth deftly cuts with His Word sharpened scalpel.

A century ago evangelist J.H.Jowett opined so accurately we are fashioned in His presence.

It can only be the truth that excises the healthy cancerous deceits of the evil one within. Theologians, pastors and even Christian counsellors will all fail, for without the Spirit of Truth there is only the pride of knowledge. Such knowledge flows with self-confidence as it confirms all remains well with you. Without the Holy Spirit of Truth the cancer of deceit is unimpeded to exact its death-laden robbery.

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. (Jn 16:13)

Ask God daily for the presence of His Holy Spirit, for this gift is both without limit and with divine truth.

For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit. (Jn 3:34)

Today's Soul Snippet:

White masks do not make a man worthy of heaven, only white clothes.