Divine litter?

SOUL SNACK S5/12 ... Divine litter?

Do you ever consider that the paths of your life are divinely littered with obstacles?

Has your new year begun as difficult as the old year was lived?

Have you reflected upon the pains of 011? Have you decided these pains were from God?

God does not delight to burden and He carries no bitterness. He holds no recalcitrance, even to those addicted to disobedience and self-will.

God desires so deeply to be known (see Jn 1:18). He has not hidden. He hurts so excruciatingly when you believe ill of Him. He shudders at your disinterest and weeps loudly when you blame Him. He is so saddened when you can't see His favor upon you.

REMEMBER - Heaven always gives better than it receives.

For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men. (Lam 3:33)

Father, thank you that you are good to me. I want to be more interested in you, than I am in myself. I want to know more of you each day until the day I meet you forever. Amen

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Today's Soul Snippet:

Prayer is not just the way to life but also the way through life.