Less than a Whisper - More than a Thought

One of the greatest opportunities in history was handed to him on a platter - just travel alongside its finest leader.

He was drawn from the darkness of anonymity to walk in the light of the Almighty. 

This disciple was surely grateful? Nobody begins a commission intent to bite the hand that feeds them? 

He listened and he learned, he even followed - he was almost happy.

But the devil works through chinks in the armor. Stealth is his favored assault. (Remember Eve - Did God really say that you must not eat from any tree in the garden?)

He must have a flaw - perhaps the victim of a past indiscretion or a wounded childhood?

The devil looks for chinks - it is his forte.

The test benignly begins, the disciple oblivious.

“Listen to the Master, look at how He treats you," invites the devil in less than a whisper but more than a thought.

Satan emphasises in a sneering, mocking tone, “He talks of love yet there is little for you. See how He prefers the others? You are last even though you are His treasurer, where is your reward? Your important role rates no mention".

This Lord looks lovingly across to His disciple. The disciple returns an unsure smile and nods, but only confusion is felt.

Distance has begun. Distrust now seeded. A heart now shaky.

Was that look really 'love' or 'condescension' he muses? With a new found insight this disciple decides on the latter.

The devil smiles, this chink is now a crack, soon a chasm - a good day's work.

“He loves you less," hints satan as the days roll on. The disciple grows in dissatisfaction. He looks for signs in the others of any sadness or rebellion - but cannot find it. Annoyingly, all seem to feel valued.

Foolishly Judas judged his insides by others' outsides.

Distance now watered and a false rejection approaches.

The teacher turns again and smiles. Judas watches as the others respond well. Sadly he is no longer grateful for being chosen. Judas feigns a positive outlook, even contributes. he considers leaving - but now Judas is unwittingly constrained.

Hate gnaws him constantly the more the leader loves. The devil wants him to stay, for the crack is now a rift, and a rift has many uses.

“Others know more of His plans," lies the devil. “You are out of the inner circle. Look at them smiling. They really don't have a clue, only you understand - only you are worthy. You speak and He does not listen, He does not understand".

This seduced disciple decides he is right - the teacher wrong. Judas knows what must be done. Soon these words he will hear from his master will sear his mind:

... but Jesus asked him, "Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?" (Luke 22:48)

Judas turns but the devil has gone, no voice now. This disciple is of no further use to him. Satan has left to exploit chinks in others - perhaps even you or me?

But God has a purpose - what satan and Judas meant for evil God shapes for His greatest victory. 

The Jews lost their Messiah. God lost His son. His Son lost his life until the third day. Judas died forever. And, satan lost for eternity on that first resurrection Sunday.

In less than a whisper but more than a thought both satan and Judas eagerly secured their own defeat.

‘Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?’ (1 Corinthians 15:55)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"From Christ's death flow all our hopes." ~ Bishop J.C. Ryle

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