Life & Hardship

Life and hardship not one escapes.

Life and hardship grasp hands, and very tightly. They always have, since mankind was banished from Eden.

Blessings or burdens temper our days, but if the nightly news is correct, it appears that hardship far outweighs happiness all the days of our lives.

Life is hard.

It is as empty as tomorrow is assured.

All honor is fleeting, and decays as every product we have ever bought.

Life is but a moment where men choose their tomorrow, for good or for evil.

The weakening of the body and and the mind only serves to confirm all things must pass.

Accumulation no more satisfies than greed offers peace. He who dies with the most does not win.

But for the searcher there exists hope. Hope casts the eyes upwards when the heart throws them down.

Many lives so often flood under affliction, while others maybe only watered. Yet, hope fills the empty heart with song and the mind with brightening light.

The time arrives for all men when hope is gone, but before then be patient when the black nights are long and the knees can bend no more.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. (Romans 12:12)

Why endure? Because, all the ends of the earth are still open to the salvation of God, He has not yet closed heaven's gates.

There is no speech or language where the voice of God is not heard. (Psalm 19:3)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'God does not stop to consult us.' ~ Martyn Lioyd-Jones