Life's Green Corridor

Life weaves for good or ill across every decade.

This path of life has countless turns, is littered with serious obstacles and carries innumerable STOP signs.

Many others too share this path, travelling in both directions. Some smile as they pass you, some scowl but most just ignore you.

Seasonal weather spreads its own colors upon your trip. The warmth of summer and the chills of winter bathe each equally upon life's path.

This path God has placed you upon. He has planted a beautiful corridor of green for you to travel; a pathway through the storms and harmony alike.

Marking each side of your path is the protective and welcome canopy of His trees, all thick with foliage and the mightiest of trunks. These trees God has sown and nurtured since before time so as to steer you well, to define your path forward to Glory. The trees are the oaks of righteousness.

It is always your choice to veer off this path, to pass between these strong and safe trunks to other paths and wide open fields that you too can see. Seduction and suffering, wealth and worry, or maybe laziness and loss can invite you to change paths.

Peering past His towering trunks you will see many other engaging roads, filtered by beautiful tree lined paths, but these ways are not yours - they do not head to Glory!

These oaks fence your path to righteousness and point you home. Remain under the canopy of righteousness, walk between the trunks of righteousness, weather the tempests and the spiritual lethargies of ease - refuse to leave His righteous path for you. 

Glory awaits - it is the righteous alone that live forever.

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord ... who finds great delight in His commands ... even in darkness light dawns on the upright ... his heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord ... his righteousness endures forever. (extracts from Psalm 113)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Generosity is about an attitude of the heart and not value for the dollar.

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