Love & Fireworks in 2021?#

Have we already experienced 2021? Is 2020 coming again?

Take out 2020 and substitute 2021. Nothing has changed – or has it?

At this time in January 2020 there were only rumors of a virus outbreak in China. No-one really gave it much thought.

At that time Corona was a brand of Italian porcelain, a Mexican brewed beer owned by Belgians, or a the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun - this was normally visible only during a total solar eclipse.

Some things have changed - Corona:

  • has become an unpalatable and exhausted word
  • is now a virus and a pandemic
  • has forever scarred our society - but it has not broken us, nor our good Lord's love towards all men.

The silver lining on a very dark and evil cloud called Covid-19, especially for those who fear for their safety, is that an uneasy people are seeking reassurance. BUT NOTE one thing is certain – the world cannot provide the answer.

Matthew Henry wrote somewhat stiffly, but also somewhat well:

“No other duty of religion is more frequently inculcated, nor more pathetically urged upon us, by our Lord Jesus, than that of mutual love.”

Is not Jesus' loudest call now to be elevated to those 'hurting', no 'reeling', because of these times above, from:

'love your neighbor as yourself' to be replaced with 'love your neighbor as I have loved you'?

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Righteousness precedes God, it is the foundation of His throne.'

#Today's SoulSnack is penned by Dr Stuart Quarmby, and reproduced with permission. It contains light SoulSupply edits.