Love is Safe

Headlong the unattended infant ran into an oncoming Toyota. He had played happily alone for some time on a grass verge.

Smoking tires, aching brakes and a screaming three year old filled the air. The usually quiet street I lived in erupted instantly. This grubby and now bloodied boy fell at the impact of a white plastic fender, miraculously more shaken than injured. Front doors slammed open. Neighbors rushed and mom appeared from the weary apartment block. Howling in fear and pain, wonderfully this young lad regained his feet.

BUT where was the restraint, a locked yard, supervised play or the loving voice of constraint only seconds previously?

Mom was not watching and dad was not there. 

The restricting love of Jesus seeks to contain our passions, douse our destructive indulgences and hem us in.

His fiery fence of righteousness is our safe boundary.

Jesus has no desire to injure us or see us harmed. His love is intent to renew our minds, tug our hands, own our hearts BUT most importantly - keep EACH OF US safe forever!

Jesus is no Pharisee or party-pooper - His righteousness is our life-map. Calvary proved He is deadly passionate about this protection of US.

When our passions test our holy intentions and sin promises so much, first ask this one brief question:

who is more likely to hurt me - me or Jesus?

AND even we have rushed onto the street, after our passions for this world have claimed us, a single passion remains available. It is as powerful as eternity is long, and it STILL belongs to us.

The raucous and forgiving love of Christ will always drown the bellow of condemnation for any who will stop, kneel and listen.

Kneel today for His love is merely a prayer away.

This is how God showed his love among us: he sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. (1 John 4:9)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"What God does not protect us from, He will perfect us through." ~ Dr Robert Frost

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