LOVED - before my time began#

Though the Lord is on high He looks upon the lowly... (Psalm 138:6a)

O God, you made me weep the night you came,
insisting  on your ownership of me - me, the unwanted, unplanned.
And yet you came to share the hurt and pain you silently endured
through all my years of thoughtless fear
of knowing you and pushing you aside.

Did I cringe inside my mother’s warm enclosing womb
when others dared to say, “Abort”?
Did I feel, right then, the craved-for unconditional love
that You alone can give?
Or did I tuck myself into a ball,
then learn to stand apart?
Did You whisper then, my Lord,
sweet words of tender comfort in tiny unformed ears?
Or stroke the silken skin You had begun?
Breathe the sweetest promises of life and love
in Him, your true-born Son?

You knew - You planned in glory,
long before Your world was dust,
that numbered I would be among Your chosen ones,
cleansed - fitted out to praise You evermore in glory
and to know the Son’s dear face.

CHOSEN - aah!
Too much to bear! Still, you hid me in safety ...
LOVED - before my time began!#

No babe ever caught God by surprise. He does not abandon the works of His hands.

It is the most rejected who grasp grace the most clearly.

Today's Soul Snippet:

People don't remember what you did for them but rather how you made them feel. ~ anon

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