Making Christmas Reciprocal#

If you were the Creator of the Universe, how would you run things?

Would you lead with an iron fist or the roar of a lion? You could if you wished – it’s your universe!

How would you lead when your first love rebelled? It must be tempting to consume them with fire, or create new and even greener pastures?

Would you ever visit a rebellious landscape? And if you did visit, surely you would beam down as a wealthy King – not as a poor baby?

God did visit earth. Jesus was born as a baby in a shed. He was the son of a carpenter and not the son of any ancient captain. 

God chose the lamb and not the lion.

God chose the stable and not the Sheraton.

God chose the rejected and not the royal.

Never be surprised that God too wanted you, for Christmas is God exercising His choice as the owner of the universe.#

Would you reciprocate with the same gusto as He chose you? For it is in reciprocity that relationships become lasting.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"It is impossible to grow abundance among thorns." ~ Michael Cartwright

#Today's SoulSnack is reproduced and edited by SoulSupply with permission from its author Dr Stuart Quarmby.

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