Max Lucado ponders Joseph#

Joseph ... did what the Lord's angel had told him to do. (Matthew 1:24)

The Bible is a fence full of knotholes through which we can peek but not see the entire picture. Characters appear and disappear before we can ask them anything.

We don't know what happened to Joseph. With one very small exception Joseph does not reappear in Scripture beyond the narrative of Jesus' birth. But, I can picture Joseph pacing in the stable while the night lights dazzle above. For some reason I don't see Joseph as silent.

Did Joseph muse - the smell is bad, the animals are loud and I even smell like a shepherd?

Did Joseph pray - the child is Yours, the plan is Yours and the idea is Yours. Forgive me for asking ... is this how You enter the world?

Did Joseph reflect - when you sent the angel and spoke of your Son being born - this is NOT what I pictured!

Surely Joseph stood where he did not understand all God's actions, even with the Divine 'heads-up'?

Maybe you have stood gazing into stirred night skies filled with questions, even doubt?

Each of us knows what it is to search the night for light. You have stood with Joseph, caught between what God says and what makes sense.

God still looks for Josephs today. Men and women who believe that God is not through with this world yet. Common people who willingly serve an uncommon God.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'God provides a travel guide for seekers.' - Bill Hybels

#Today's SoulSnack is condensed from 'The Heart of Christmas' - Max Lucado (Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville 1998) pp45-53. It contains SoulSupply edits.