OBSCURE HEROES ~ thoughts for fathers


Socrates is no obscure hero. 400 years before Christ graced the earth this ancient Greek philosopher was martyred.

He lived:

'An unexamined life is not worth living.' Socrates died for living the (then) unthinkable - an examined life.

Humbled self-assessment flows through a healthy father's soul. For, a wise man must examine his life. This is unseen.

The youth assesses his prowess, beauty and identity; the young adult adds his future.

The middle-aged man re-considers his environment and purposes. And the ageing man enjoys abundant opportunity to reflect on decisions and relationships, including his own with the Almighty.

The ageing man eats the fruits of his decisions. Is not wisdom proved by her children?

Three centuries prior to Socrates the prophet Habakkuk was a man who examined life.

This 7th Century BC Jewish prophet questioned his life before his God. Habakkuk's tool was prayer!

By prayer Habakkuk processed God's actions in his deeply troubled world (family). Through prayer Habakkuk processed the pain he felt. By prayer he interceded too through the screams of his countrymen, for his countrymen (family).

Fathers leading examined lives intervene in distressed times with prayer. They know they JUST need to, because DO-IT-YOURSELF is failing. And, my family needs the canopy of prayer.

The Obscure Hero kneels invisibly and silently before The Almighty. Impending financial ruin, children who foolishly contrive poor relationship, or a loved one's unconquerable ill health will yield a Divine dependence. There is no better or stronger mechanism available to such humble Obscure Heroes.

Unsung men will protect their families in prayer! They are Obscure Heroes.

Obscure Heroes will always seek the counsel of Heaven, and then act unobserved.

They will not become 'victims', or seek reward. Self-promotion does not blip on their radar. The interest of those they are bound too will always take precedence over self-interest. This is a father's righteousness.

Daily men of Christian faith will not simply accept life's difficulties and chances, they will measure and they will pray.

Obscure Heroes will 'stand in the breach'.* God will always honor such fathers. His eyes even search for them.

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. (2 Chronicles 16:9a)

No such man is an Obscure Hero before God.

*See too - Psalm 106:23

Today's Soul Snippet:

'I don't want honor if it will make me proud, or draw me away from my Lord.' ~  anon