Iron more precious than gold#


You have enlarged me when I was in distress. (Psalm 4:1 KJV)

This verse is one of the greatest testimonies ever written. King David explained the effectiveness of God's work on our behalf during the times of crisis. It is a statement of thanksgiving for having been set free not from suffering but through suffering. He declared that the sorrows of life have been themselves for his spiritual growth and betterment.

This focuses the human spirit to accept that iron and not gold is the true human experience of life. Your life will be enlarged in the proportion to the amount of iron you have endured, and not escaped.

The chain that is the common bond uniting us to others must be one of iron.

The common touch of humanity that gives the world true kinship is not joy but sorrow - gold is partial to only a few, but iron is universal.

The Last Word:

If Joseph had never been Egypt's prisoner, he would never have become Egypt's governor. The iron that bound his feet brought about the golden chain around his neck.#

#Originally penned by George Matheson. It contains edits from SoulSupply and an anonymous editor.