Of Love & Other Impulses

Love covers all things.

When love is not present or only light upon its feet, all things are NOT covered.

A body, mind and spirit raised in love and soaked in nurture knows the health of Heaven - the fabric that is love. Deficits to humankind arise when love has not washed an infant and care has not caressed their soul. Comfort remains elusive and the soul is hard to settle. The body only follows.

Impulsiveness becomes an unwitting drive to seek comfort. It can be as much an expression of the immature as it is an expression of the unloved.

Impulsiveness is that ill-considered shot at instant well-being, the cost is not counted. It arises because there is a dis-harmony within.

Love settles a soul, calms the spirit and then the body follows.

Resilience to stay the tough times rolls as a gentle tide from the reservoirs of love present in the soul. Those who have lacked nurture lack the gentle tide of love, resilience is difficult and so they have learned to fight or flee.

When nurture has been absent impulse is likely present OR when nurture is present impulse is absent.

Nurture to the human soul is as an oasis to the desert.

Love builds a home for each soul with a shingle nailed to its front door that reads - COMFORT & REST.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"He whose main pursuit is pleasure will never attain to righteousness". ~ William J. Chantry

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