Love - vast as the ocean#

I stand on a beach.

The ocean is before me stretching out to the next continent.

All I can see is sea - no ships, not even small sail boats, just sea.

As I walk along the shore, I suddenly become aware of people playing on the beach, splashing around in the water. As I draw closer I hear them singing an old gospel song, "Love, vast as the ocean" as they splash.

Importantly I notice that they are in a paddling pool filled with sea water, but a paddling pool not the sea!

Even so, they shout encouragement to each other, "Come on in, the waters fine!"

Then I hear God speaking:

This is My Church! They think they have gotten into the Sea of My Love, but they have only just begun to sample it. They have no real idea of the width, depth, and height of My love. They have their sample and they think that's all there is to it. They are like those who pass a restaurant and smell the food, think it's delicious, and move on to the next restaurant to smell the next "good food" without trying what is before them! They think their paddling pool is all there is. They get their buzz and move on, looking for the next pool to paddle in. They cannot see nor even imagine the vast expanse of sea that's available to them. It's as if they've been given a wonderful present. They are wide eyed in wonder and almost delirious with pleasure, so they put it away again to be bought out when they next want to taste what it holds. They cannot imagine there is a vast unending supply.

The sea beside them is everything that My Spirit holds for them - but they dare not even believe for it, let alone look at it.

Tell them. Tell them to get into and to explore the ocean of My love, the vast expanse of My Holy Spirit. He is just waiting for them to believe and step out of the pool of their limited belief, and into the ocean of My provision!#

Whoever has faith in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. By this Jesus meant the Holy Spirit. (John 7:38-39a)

Human faith prayerfully paddles into the pools of divine love, for the shrieks and songs of religion can never capture the delights of Heaven's heart.

For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit. (John 3:34)

Today's Soul Snippet:

The heart that seeks good will become a good heart.

#Today's SoulSnack is reproduced and edited with kind permission from a friend of SoulSupply