Resurrecton for the Disspirited

"Those who have never been seen by man have always been seen by God." ~ anon

The feelings of life ebb and flow as sure as nature's annual seasons are guaranteed.

Many find times of load, hardship and worry linger disproportionately to the days of ease. These are the days when the hunger for lightning strikes of love are shouted to the heavens.

It is through the good Lord's load bearing economy that mankind's heartaches and repentance turns the broken sinner into the blessed saint.

Rejoice oh broken sinner, for it is in a new self-release you grasp the secure grip of your Master; and then His good, pleasing and perfect will. His will can now prosper at your hands.

He anoints these sad ones and accounts them as righteous.

You remain the same and Your years will never end. (Psalm 102:27)

It is true and worth repeating the good Lord does not change He still seeks to change:

broken sinners into blessed saints.

The Man of Sorrows died for the men of sorrow.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Unwillingness to forgive is refusal to mimic Jesus." ~ anon