Reviewing Your Knowledge

What informs us - forms us. ~ Michael Cartwright

For well over a decade SoulSupply has taught the enduring conflict between the only two trees named in a perfect Eden:

  1. the Tree of Life, and
  2. the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

These two trees are growing in Eden's center, both in a place of priority and a 'must notice' presence Genesis 2 explains.

Clearly they are competitors for Adam's mind, he was the only human alive.

These trees are competitors, both offer knowledge but only one tree can can teach Adam evil.

Adam is tested by God because:

Faithfulness is only possible when unfaithfulness is available.

We all know that Adam employs great haste to fail God's instruction and eat of 'the apple', that fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

This rivalry continues alive to this very day, first for the minds of men and then their hearts.

The Tree of Knowledge still proudly persists in its opposition to and conquest of the Tree of Life.

The very first indicator of which tree's knowledge is being learned is 'pride'. The Tree of Life can only teach virtue, surely its first fruit is 'humility'!


  • the Tree of Knowledge is unable to teach perfection or purity when it's first fruit is pride.
  • the Tree of Knowledge informs men of wickedness, but teaches wickedness is right.
  • the Tree of Knowledge deals death to men's minds by deceitfully promising light & life.
  • the Tree of Life seeds confidence, conviction plus good comfort, and without deceit.

The Tree of Knowledge pens a curriculum rising from the same dust as too we mere mortals. The Tree of Knowledge is mortal, the Tree of Life is immortal.

The Tree of Life is the pillow-partner to the Holy Spirit of Truth.

One tree has seduced us, the other tree has saved us. Choose this day what 'fruit you will pick'. But carefully note, only one tree offers truth alone and thus eternal life.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Wait for the Lord and keep His way..' ~ Psalm 37:24a