God's sword is swinging ...

The unredeemed heart holds small hope of dividing wickedness from righteousness. Yet - Jesus continues to appeal:

seek first My kingdom and My righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)

All disciples of Christ must tattoo this priority upon their soul. The practice of self-denial must continue to grow.

To seek first God's kingdom permits Christ's rule across all life's aspects.

Those who love His rule:

  • will keep their hearts soft to His truths, for these truths are his sign posts
  • resist the hardening of their hearts that they may not lose their way and salvation
  • will find no offense at Christ's words, despite all popular opinion
  • know mercy triumphs over judgement
  • live as seekers of righteousness in a world honoring evil and immune to shame, and finally
  • will be as Noah - who preached righteousness. Noah received God's protection, but those who are wicked live under God's swinging sword.

The Last Word:

He who will not live under Christ's rule on earth, will live forever in terror without it. Christ's rule and righteousness points to His coming judgement. This can be ignored but never avoided.