Sin - The Devious Deformity!

This world and its protestant church careens headlong in a downward spiral of devaluing sin, diluting it. Too little a sense of righteousness is measured, or even considered.

The leading 20th century prophet, Aiden Wilson Tozer, tackled wantonness nearly a century ago. It is exponentially multiplied this day, but Christians and the world alike bleat 'these days are better, we are wiser'.

From some very fluid thinking he wrote:

God is holy; and because He is holy, He is actively hostile toward sin. He must be. God can only burn and burn on and burn on against sin forever. Never let any spiritual experience or interpretation of Scripture lessen your hatred for sin. It was sin that brought the ruin of race; it was sin that brought the Savior to die on the cross; it is sin that has filled every jail and hospital and insane asylum. It is sin that has made every murder and every divorce and every crime that has been committed since the world began. In the presence of this awful, holy God, sin can never be anything but a devious deformity.#

We are in the season of grace.

This is not the season for a re-forming of what sin is, but the reforming of lives away from sin. This season shall soon close.

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

To cherish sin is to dot my paths with stumbling blocks.

Refuse to accept the weak preacher's soft-sell of sin, or the fearful pulpit's frozen silence.

Judgment will again be founded on righteousness, and all the upright in heart will follow it. (Psalm 94:15)

It is simply too comfortable to justify sin and ignore its wickedness. An upright heart will not.

Each is required to measure all thoughts and activity against God' standard of righteousness for themselves.

Satan wants to trip us and then steal us, Jesus wants to keep us.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Read the prophets because they know things priests and pastors will never know." ~ Michael Cartwright

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#A.W.Tozer, Voice of a Prophet (California, Regal, 2014) 169