God's Atlas

Soul Snack 103 ... God's Atlas

"... He has also set eternity in the hearts of men ..."

The insatiable quest to explore the universe, explode the atom or magnify the un-seeable all arise from man's deepest instincts to look into eternity.

As you read this 'The Atlas Project' is nearly completed. It is a 5 billion dollar invisible (underground) monolith, constructed on the Swiss/French border to find the 'god particle'. This proton accelerator is a 27km oval and is built exactly to find The Eternal.

It is THE ubiquitous desire of men to connect with God (the eternal). It is resident in all our hearts. This universal desire is His precious deposit for our eternal security.

Usually this desire is smothered, sometimes pursued, but always available.

God has sown His good wishes into me at my creation. He neither wants me isolated nor independent of Him. His good wishes are that I would enjoy Him and learn from Him. He wishes my company. He programmes me for this.

Around this globe, across His atlas, He has left none without testimony to Him. Today I can find Him, tomorrow I can know Him and forever I can live with Him. This is always my call, His call is already clear.

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