The brag of satan

Soul Snack 104 ... The brag of satan

"...'This is what the sovereign Lord says: "in the pride of your heart you say,'I am god; I sit on the throne of a god...' but you are a man and not a god, though you think you are as wise as a god'..." Ezekiel 28:2b

Paradise too knows pain. There is robbery too in paradise. The pleasant relationship soured. The self effacing learn pride. The created dis-honours the creator. The pure has become polluted. The pure now can feel both shame and pride.

I am superior. They are inferior.

I elevate myself, and depreciate others.

Believing ill of another is satan's handiwork to relationships.

Satan wants me to believe well of myself and ill of God. It is then an easy step further to believe ill of others. This then dis-honours God and others.

His brag to me is to believe in my own superiority. He'll show me their pollution, and blind me to their goodness.

He leads me to release sober self- judgement and chew on his self-indulgent lies. He shows me self elevation. He introduces cancer to my relationships. He leads me astray.

He does this with my full permission. I am his prey, my relationships his battleground.

To listen to his brag is to sniff the sulphur. To accept his brag is to feel new heat.

'Whatever is good, whatever is noble and true, think on these things.' (Phil 4:8)

Surely this verse is God's mechanism for defusing that brag. This is God's tool for enhancing my relationships. This is God's tool for my internal well being. This is God's tool to receive and give honour.

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