Sensing the Sabbath

Soul Snack 115 ... Sensing the Sabbath

"It was Preparation Day, the Sabbath was about to begin." ( Lk 23:54)

"Fail to plan, plan to fail" - the audible axiom of corporate expansion. Beneath this sentiment is the thought that a desired future is only arrived at by careful planning.

The deliberate must take hold of my entire attention if my desires are to be arrived at.

An assassinated messiah too would not hinder the Jews preferred future. The duties must be complete that the sabbath ritual can be engaged. Paradoxically the object of the sabbath was the object just being disposed of!

Nevertheless these hypocrites could murder God, while simultaneously planning to worship Him.

The most important things in life we prepare for, but prepare for my own sabbath, surely a fresh thought?

Declining the neighbours BBQ for sunday worship, enjoying a time of stillness (i.e. replacing busy-ness), or simply keeping saturday night free that I may be fresh for sunday worship are all preparation activities.

Surely I have no bodies to bury, but there definitely will be burdens to release. Surely I have no ritual to enact, but there will be relationships to be delayed. Surely there will be no folly to avoid, but there will be indulgence to be denied. To understand worship as how I will spend my eternity is to be at ease to prepare for it correctly now. This is sensing my sabbath well.