Players and Prayers

Soul Snack 126 ... Players and Prayers

Eager and sweaty children, across this nation joyfully fill backyards. The noonday sun neither too high nor too hot. Eyes shielded by a peak, their bodies 'shielded' by desire. There is no lack of energy here. They will surely play on.

An upturned bin, the new Christmas K Mart bat, and a hastily found tattered tennis ball all suffice. This pedestrian equipment simply competent to its task.

The well used ball cannons from enthusiastic and deft young fingers. In an instant, hollow plastic resounds. Another batsman out. On this team of 3 however, none remain to move to the crease.

Limited resources, and finite insufficient opportunities are indicators of humanity's impotence. God too has an incomplete team. Unlike the backyard cricket game His team however will paradoxically not run out of players.

Generously, with encouraging affirmation He invites all of us to contribute to His 'backyard' team. He knows that His team too suffers 'staffing shortages'.

His team is not recruiting 'players' but 'prayers'. His team is not simply equipped by group practice but also by individual praying. In prayer I build His team. My knees have become His greatest Kingdom team building asset. Even if in His wisdom He never asks me to play, He Has already asked me to pray.

"Then He said to His disciples, 'the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into the harvest field.' " MT 9:37-38

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