Of Tourists & Tenants

SOUL SNACK 134/13 ... Of Tourists & Tenants

What has been your favorite travel destination?

In a former life I have visited Canada, Scotland and Greece; destinations of great pleasure to me.

The breathtaking wilderness of Canada I adored.

The mystique of a fog filtered Loch Ness was as stirring as it was numbing.

An Hellenic ale sipped alongside the azure Mediterranean is still to be repeated.

BUT... all of these still fail to be called home.

Daily the globe is criss-crossed by the adventurer succumbing to its lure or the restless looking for that ‘better' place to live. 

God has issued an invitation to all. He does not invite us to visit Him but He does invite us to live with Him.

God is not looking for tourists or tenants. God does not invite renters who stay for just a set time. (Renters approach God in times of pain and phone the removalist in times of peace.)

In fact God seeks no travellers. He is simply looking for permanent residents. God offers the most heavenly place as home. He calls for residents now who will dwell with Him forever.

‘… make the most high your dwelling' (Ps 91:9)

God's greatest desire has always been for me - that my greatest desire may be always for Him.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Christ without Christianity is like saying you have an apple pie without apples." ~ G.K.Chesterton

Testimony Time:

Thankyou for SoulSupply. It is a unique and refreshing ministry that has successfully crossed cultural boundaries to encourage, challenge and change lives with Jesus' universal truths. (Australia 2013)

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