The Golden Rule

SOUL SNACK 136/13 ...

Has the distaste of harsh criticism anointed your days of trouble or pierced your soul? make your bed, you lie on it or equally unkind you've done the crime so you do the time.

This ill-will is offered because:

Men at ease have contempt for misfortune. (Job 12:5a)

It is common practice to blame others' misfortunes upon themselves. (Job had three mates who blamed him wrongly for thirty-six chapters.) BUT the Lord corrects:

You should not look down on your brother in the day of his misfortune. (Obadiah v12)

The felt pain of unfair judgement is spirit crushing. Absent grace is a burden multiplier. Many times in our own misfortunes we know we are innocent. The God of grace knows this too.

Jesus calls us not to pile burdens upon others but rather to carry them. Casting eyes low over a brother in hard times is to multiply his load. 

The Golden Rule is to do to others as you would have them do to you - seek only to be a grace multiplier and a burden bearer for surely this too is what you would want?

Today's Soul Snippet:

There is far more comfort to be found on your knees that on a pillow.

Testimony Time:

Thanks again for SoulSnacks - they are a constant encouragement to me and a source to equip me to live my life Christ centered. (Anonymous, somwhere, sometime.)

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