The Space For Secrets

'Call to Me and I will answer you and teach you great and unsearchable things.' (Jeremiah 33:3)

The secrets of this universe have captivated and driven explorers for millennia. 37 years ago (January 28, 1986) 7 explorers died, 73 seconds into their flight. "The Challenger's" search for secrets horribly ended, without starting.

Hidden within man is both the arrogant unspoken and spoken belief that his 'intelligent' persistence will release all secrets this cosmos contains.

However, surely the Creator of secrets can only be the revealer of all secrets?

It is clear, humankind's restless search for secrets pays extremely poor dividends.

The privations of man or his accumulation of knowledge are proved hollow, time and time again.

The paradox of earthly pursuits is that secrets are not found in man's activity. The path to these secrets is only walked by inactivity.

The Last Word:

Prayer is the space to discover secrets.